Metal Fencing

The Advantages of Metal Fences in Phoenix

Metal fencing adds a certain degree of added beauty to any home, lawn or office. Metal fences can range from tough, intimidating fortifications, to elegant and stylish outdoor décor. Most metal fencing can also be easily painted – or even cast – in almost any color.

Aside from metal fences being almost infinite in custom design options, they also offer extra security over other fence materials. Whether protecting your property from intruders and trespassers or proving a safe enclosure for kids and pets, a metal fence is one of the best choices of fencing material available.

Types of Metal Fencing Materials

As mentioned before, metal fences can come in almost any shape, color or fashion. However, you might look into the different types of metal materials to choose which is right for your style and property:


  • Aluminum is usually more cost effective over iron materials.
  • Aluminum looks great, and can even be made to look like wrought iron.
  • Aluminum also offers many of the same security features as iron fencing.
  • Unlike iron, aluminum does not rust and requires much less maintenance for the same long lifespan.


  • Steel has a very sleek and modern look.
  • Steel is extremely strong and offers the same security options as iron and aluminum.
  • Galvanized or zinc treated steel does not rust.
  • Steel is very easy to paint, and can be cast in a variety of colors to lessen or even eliminate the need for painting.


  • Usually used in gates and post caps, bronze is a beautiful, classy embellishment to any metal fence material.
  • Bronze is prone to oxidation, but this is sometimes desirable. When bronze begins to rust, a dull green color forms, much like the Statue of Liberty, creating an aged, antique feel.


  • Brass is much like bronze in color, and is also used as a decorative compliment to metal fences
  • Unlike bronze, brass will remain shiny forever. It will never rust or corrode.

Choosing Your Metal Material

Take a good look at your area and your property. Which of these sounds like what you’re looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask people around your neighborhood for their opinions as well. After All, good fences make good neighbors. Also, you might get some expert advice from someone who knows the metal materials used in fences best.

The Arizona Fence Experts has a highly experienced, expert staff that can help offer advice, suggestions and service. Whether you’re looking to repair, replace, or install a sturdy, professional metal fence, Arizona Fence Experts has a wide array of materials and services and with an outstanding track record for providing excellent service, you know you’ll get the highest quality metal fencing in Phoenix, Arizona.

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