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Should The Bottom Of A Vinyl Fence Touch The Ground?

Should The Bottom Of A Vinyl Fence Touch The Ground

Having the bottom of a vinyl fence touch the ground is generally not recommended. This is because vinyl fences can expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture levels, which can cause the fence to warp or buckle if it is in direct contact with the ground.

In addition, having the fence directly in contact with the ground can make it more susceptible to damage from moisture, insects, and other factors. This can reduce the lifespan of the fence and lead to costly repairs or replacements.

Instead, a small gap should be left between the bottom of the vinyl fence panel and the ground. The size of the gap depends on the slope of the ground and the height of the fence, but it is typically recommended to leave a gap of at least 2 inches. This allows for proper drainage and ventilation, which helps prevent moisture damage and maintain the fence’s integrity over time.