Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Golf Course Fencing in Phoenix, AZ

Golf Courses are prime examples of a commercial business that needs good fencing. Not only do you have to ensure that trespassers and potential vandals keep off your fairways, you have to make sure that stray golf balls don’t get away and cause injuries or property damage.

Wrought iron and aluminum fences look good, but don’t offer the protection from escaping balls that you need. Likewise, corrugated steel and wood fences protect well, but aren’t as esthetically pleasing or ornate. For these reasons, the best choice for fencing a golf course is vinyl.

The Advantages of Vinyl Fencing in Your Phoenix Golf Course

There are many great advantages of employing vinyl paneling fences around your golf course, including:

  • The cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a vinyl panel is much less than other materials.
  • Vinyl is an extremely tough material that is also pliant enough to repel golf balls without damage.
  • Vinyl is also exceptionally resistant to the elements and can resist many years of rain, humidity, and windstorms.
  • Full vinyl paneling will keep stray golf balls from slipping through the spaces.
  • Vinyl requires very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning to keep it looking nice.
  • The many styles of vinyl fencing offer a classy, traditional look with a contemporary flair.
  • Vinyl panel fences are very difficult to scale and help keep out trespassers.

The Best Vinyl Fences in the Phoenix Area

The Arizona Fence Experts have really earned their name by offering superior quality vinyl fences at very reasonable prices. Our expert staff will set up and install your new vinyl golf course fencing with the support of a lifetime limited warranty.

A properly installed and maintained fence can look great for decades, and Arizona Fence Experts can help make sure it lasts for life.

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