Residential Homes

Residential Homes

The Value of Having a Home Fence in Phoenix

Having a fence around your home and yard is a great way to improve your home’s safety. A good fence will help to keep your children and pets safe from passing traffic and prevent them from wandering off. What’s more, a sturdy fence with a locking gate can help to prevent intruders and trespassers.

If you’re looking for something new and more desirable looking, have you thought of replacing that old, wooden privacy fence with a more versatile vinyl fence? Or are you thinking of replacing your aging iron fence with aluminum or galvanized steel for sustainability?

The Many Styles of Home Fencing

There are many different kinds of home fencing styles and materials to choose from – most of which can be custom made to fit your unique taste. Here are some great examples of fencing for your home:

Iron Pickets – Iron picket fences are the traditional, gothic style, spiked pole fences you might expect to see around a gorgeous Victorian home. Iron requires a little more upkeep than some other materials, but it is unmatched in strength and security.

Aluminum Pole – Aluminum pole fences offer the same rustic look of iron, but at a much lower cost. Aluminum also requires less maintenance and paint than iron.

Steel Fencing – Ranging from traditional chain-link fences to ornate, custom bars, Steel can offer the strength of iron with the low maintenance of aluminum – making it a prime alternative to other metal fencings.

Vinyl Paneling – Vinyl is a favored choice of material for many homeowners because of its low cost, high versatility, and great durability. Paneling also offers unmatched privacy and usually as easy to clean as spraying it off with a garden hose.

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