Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices

Fencing-In Your Commercial Property In Phoenix

Security is a big issue for any business, especially in a large city like Phoenix, AZ. Vandals and potential miscreants are on the lookout for a poorly protected business after closing hours. A solid, durable fence is your first line of defense against what could be thousands of dollars in damage and theft.
On a lighter note, a good fence can also add an aesthetic quality that your property may be lacking. Most fencing materials are highly customizable and can present anything from a touch of elegance to an intimidating declaration.

The Best Fencing Materials for a Commercial Setting

Wood fences have a traditional, rustic style but can degrade quickly and lose it’s charm. The same is true of iron – a classical charisma with a short lifespan. Vinyl is a good choice for its durability and poise, so long as you don’t choose a style that encloses your business, blocking it from view.
However, your best bet will most likely be steel bar fencing. Steel bar fencing offers the security of solid metal without the rust and wear usually associated with other metal materials. The benefits of using steel are:


  • Strength – Solid steel polls offer great security because they are incredibly difficult to cut through.
  • Durability – Galvanized steel does not rust or decay with age, and can take a lot of hard knocks before taking any real damage.
  • Security – Besides its strength, steel can be capped with spiked pickets that make climbing over impossible.
  • Transparency – The separated bars of steel fencing offer security without blocking the view of your business.

Let Arizona Fence Experts Install Your New Commercial Fencing

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