Vinyl Fencing in Phoenix, AZ

Vinyl Fencing in Phoenix, AZ

Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming the most popular fencing material in Phoenix. This is because of its versatility, and the fact that it is highly customizable. The versatility of vinyl is unmatched. Vinyl is used as privacy fencing, pool fencing, picket fencing, and much more. At Arizona Fencing Company we offer many styles of vinyl fencing, or we can easily customize it to fit your particular needs.

Take Advantage of Vinyl Fencing’s Versatility

Vinyl fencing is the valley’s #1 choice for fencing in Arizona and has quite a few benefits over other fencing materials such as wood or metal. Some things that make vinyl fencing so great:

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Customizable
  • Corrosion, rust & decay-resistant

Where Can I Find The Best Vinyl Fencing in Phoenix?

When looking for a vinyl fencing company in Phoenix, look no further than Arizona Fence Experts. We offer the best vinyl fencing services in Phoenix in a variety of shapes and colors. We can also customize the vinyl to fit your particular needs. With years of experience, we can provide all of your fencing needs, from new installations to minor repairs, no job is too big or too small.

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Arizona Fence Experts offers many different styles of vinyl fencing. If there is something you want that is not shown, please contact us and tell us what you need.

  1. Privacy Fencing
  2. Pool Fencing
  3. Picket Fencing
  4. Ranch Rail
  5. Porch Rail
  6. Gazebos
  7. Ornamental
  8. Custom Designs

Privacy Fencing:

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Lovely vinyl community fencing in Phoenix, AZ[/custom_frame_right]
Allows you have the privacy you want and the beauty you deserve. Choose from several styles that will enhance your landscape. Let us make your dream fence come true with privacy fencing.

Pool Fencing:

Allows you to enclose any size pool with the quality and safety you deserve. Vinyl meets or exceeds all code requirements and offers a maintenance-free fence that will not rot or rust. Gates are specially-designed with rust-proof self-closing hinges utilizing ‘Magna-Latch’ technology.

Picket Fencing:

“Old traditional architectural beauty combined with new technology and space-age materials.” This is how Kroy describes the vertical picket fence. Whether it’s straight picket, scalloped picket, or inverted scalloped picket, you can choose the spacing, height, and post caps to personalize it for your home.

Ranch Rail Fencing:

Looking good in the city or out on the farm! Ranch rail fencing has many applications and uses at home or play. Choose from two, three or four rail fencing, whichever is right for you.

Porch Rail:

Add class and warmth to your home with a porch rail. Durability and style are only two of the many reasons to add this to your designs. Remember, the color runs completely through the material, and is not painted or coated, so the color can’t chip or scratch off. What a perfect way to accent your front or back porch!


Add a touch of elegance to your landscaping with a striking gazebo. Custom-made to your specifications, we will create the look, the size, and the style you want. Let our gazebos enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors for your family…winter or summer! There are many styles and sizes to choose from so let us know which gazebo is right for you.


“In your backyard or commercial business, Kroy ornamental fence is right at home.” Perfect for any setting, they are popular for new and old residential locations, swimming pools, and commercial applications. It offers the beauty and detail of an ornamental iron fences at only a fraction of the price.


At Arizona Fence Experts, we pride ourselves in our ability to customize anything we offer! And we mean it! Talk to our staff about what you want and we will strive to make it happen just the way you order it. Thank you for choosing Arizona Fence Experts!

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