Fence Replacement

Fence Replacement

Replacing Your Old Fence In Phoenix, Arizona

If your wooden, vinyl or metal fence has fallen into disrepair it could be more than just an eyesore. A bad fence can actually bring down the value of your home and property. What’s more, a damaged fence could be a danger to your children or pets, or offer a convenient point of entry for intruders.

If you’re looking for something new and more desirable looking, have you thought of replacing that old, wooden privacy fence with a more versatile vinyl fence? Or are you thinking of replacing your aging iron fence with aluminum or galvanized steel for sustainability?

Common Questions About Fence Replacement In Phoenix

Replacing an entire fence yourself can be a very time consuming and difficult project. For that reason, it is often better to hire a professional fence replacement service to do it for you. Even then, you may have some questions to ask; hopefully this can help answer some of them:

In most cases, especially if the fence is about 3 feet tall, you are required to get a permit from the city to replace an existing fence.

Yes. Neighborly niceties aside, you could encounter legal problems in replacing a shared fence without consent. An added plus; your neighbor might be able to share the cost of the replacement as well as the benefits of it.

Be certain that your contractor is licensed and insured. It may also help to ask around and get a few testimonials on the company from around town.

Normally, even if insured, a contractor will not take responsibility for items damaged during the replacement process. It is best to remove these items yourself to be on the safe side.

Usually, no. Although some companies might provide this at an extra charge, it is usually better that you have it done before the fence replacement service date.

In most cases, your contractor will contact the local utilities to ensure there is nothing to interfere with the fence replacement.

If necessary, yes. Often, replacing an entire fence means re-spacing posts, which means removing the old ones.

Yes. Our fences and materials come with a lifetime, limited warrantee against rotting, corrosion, abnormal weathering and defects.

If your home was most recently appraised after your old fence had seen some years, the answer is yes. The esthetics and material of your fence is often a big factor in the appraisal of your home and its resulting value.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an estimate for fence replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, our expert staff would be happy to help. Call us at (480) 227-1612